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We really love the Eggie’s World game! We love it so much we thought, “Why not partner with Eggie’s World to bring a fun, interactive character to the game!?”

An ALIENEGG hatches a very rare and futuristic character called the UFOMonster! He’s a helpful and playful little guy and loves to interact with players and earthlings everywhere. Who knows what super galactic powers UFOMonster holds?!

The LimeJuice squad decided to juice ALIENEGG up with all sorts of rewards outside the game itself.

Earn additional rewards just for holding an ALIENEGG in your wallet! So you can have fun in Eggie’s World earning rewards and receive additional benefits by playing with UFOMonster!

You can pick up an ALIENEGG in the Eggie’s World game or by visiting his Telegram channel –

Find UFOMonster on Twitter as well @UFOMonster1