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Team KaiRoS (TKG)



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If you’ve ever spent time with 514Esports CEO, Pro’s vs GI Joes Owner, eSports ambassador and all around good dude, Greg Zinone, you can imagine how excited we are to work with him and bring his charity-focused eSports organization, Team Kairos, into the LimeJuice family!

Greg has been a high profile figure in the eSports world for more than 12 years. The experience he brings is invaluable but we really appreciate and respect the spirit of giving he weaves into every project in which he becomes involved. We couldn’t be more happy to have Greg leading the charge for our esports endeavors and helping him be more free in being an overall eSports ambassador.

TEAM KaiRoS is a very different team than a traditional eSports team. Team KaiRoS is about seizing specific opportunities and moments to give back in ways only we can. Through 514eSports and the relationships we’ve built in the gaming and traditional sports spaces over 12 years, we use our gifts to give back and give teams, individuals gamers (amateurs and professionals), streamers and even countries, a way in!

We feel gaming and eSports is the perfect way to bring people and communities together and provide opportunities for those who may not see many opportunities come their way. Team KaiRoS will find ways to make these opportunities reality.

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