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Proton Gaming is our first born idea! Partnering with Intergalactic Gaming, we want to create a young, hungry and dynamic esports team to grow up beside IG and become a mainstay in the ecosystem. We are building a team that will be competitive and tough but knows how to win and lose with class.

Additionally, Proton Gaming Tokens can be used in various gaming platforms as an in-game currency! We are strategically partnering with really fun blockchain based games to find value for our token holders and turn them on to fun and innovative games.

We are very much looking forward to what the future holds for Proton Gaming. Exciting times ahead!



Team Proton update


XSplit’s Premium Creator Suite empowers gamers to turn their passion into engaging stories to be shared through live streaming. Flawless video and audio quality. Lag free gameplay. Smooth setup in minutes. 24/7 support. Endless customization. XSplit lets you get the most out of your craft and takes streaming to the next level. Broadcast to Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Mixer and more.

XSplit will be providing their Premium Suite product to the Proton team to help with streaming efforts.  Find them at


Peter Susini, aka @FGCFlash (formerly @FlashMetroid) has agreed to sign on to the Proton Gaming team and compete in 2020! FGCFlash has been a monster competitor, particularly on the Capcom Pro Tour and in the fighting games scene, for several years.

Based out of Miami, Florida, Flash has nearly 25 top 8 finishes in Street Fighter V alone and top 8 finishes at major events in 4 other titles as well! With over 800,000 views and 3500 followers be sure to check his Twitch channel out at

FGCFlash will join Perfect Legend as the initial signings to the Proton Gaming team. Flash brings a world of experience and talent to the Proton Gaming team. Look for Proton at upcoming fighting games events!

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Proton Gaming is super excited to introduce it's latest team member "Perfect Legend", the four-time world champion fighting games player! 

Based in Toledo, Ohio, Perfect Legend began his competitive career in 2005 at local fighting game events ultimately earning his first major tournament win that same year.  In 2006, Perfect Legend earned his first world championship in Dead or Alive 4. 

Perfect Legend continued earning major titles, defending the United States abroad, and developing his reputation as one of the hardest working players in the fighting game community.  Most notably, He is the only player in Mortal Kombat history to make the top 8 of every major event or world championship he’s entered!  

He is also a 3 Time ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League Finalist. 

With the release of Mortal Kombat 11, Perfect Legend is looking to make the upcoming years very successful!

With more than 1.2+ Million, subscribers, followers and viewers across social media You can watch Perfect Legend battle on Twitch, along with his 40,000+ followers, nearly every evening.