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Pizza Heroes



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LimeJuice is focused on partnering and working with quality projects. When we got a glimpse at what Elliot, Dave and the DApp Evolution Ecosystem team were working on, there was no doubt we wanted to help bring it to the masses! Their soon to be released game, Pizza Heroes is poised to be a gaming hit!

Pizza Heroes is an immersive multiplayer collectible game where players earn daily cryptocurrency prizes in an exciting new persistent online world.

Players can buy, sell, collect and trade digitally scarce virtual items and characters. Go on quests, engage in competitive game modes, enjoy arcade-style mini games and defend the magical land of ZA with limited edition characters and unique abilities.

Players will also be able to own land in this virtual world that can be used to generate items and resources to sell peer-to-peer for cryptocurrency.

Pizza Heroes is built in Unreal Engine 4 by industry veterans DApp Evolution. In partnership with Lime Juice and Spacial OS for server tech, Pizza Heroes takes players into a world unlike any other. The game is scheuduled for pre-release in 2019.

In keeping with our mission to bring blockchain gaming to the masses, we will be showcasing Pizza Heroes at E3 2019, in Los Angeles, CA, June 10th – 12th!

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